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Practice all types of MIGS procedures. The kit includes 2 different models. 

Our GONIO model with clear cornea and an angle with anatomical landmarks like the scleral spur and trabecular meshwork for improved navigation in the angle. It also features a 360deg Schlemm's canal and even supra choroidal space. GONIO is ideal for practicing implants like OMNI, Hydrus, KDB, iSent (all types), XEN and more.

A SCHLEMM open sky model for practicing cannulation or viscodilation of Schlemm's canal with devices like OMNI and iTrack; perform a trabeculotomy via GATT or a trabeculectomy with a KDB or a Trabectome. The open sky design makes it a cost effective model that requires no blades and no viscoelastic.

Includes: 1 Tilting Holder, 2 units GONIO model, 2 units (1 box) SCHLEMM models for canaloplasty and MIGS.